Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Lemon FAT Cake

Sunday afternoon, in a rush and needing a quick snack on my way to class, I stopped at Starbucks.  Now I've frequented Starbucks enough to know that their pastry counter is not Weight Watchers friendly, but given my famished condition and hasty pace, I wasn't employing my keenest decision-making skills.  Blueberry scones, old fashioned glazed donuts, banana bread.  Decisions, decisions.

"What can I get for you?" the woman with the green apron asked.

"Grande black iced tea, and, ah, um, uh, Iced Lemon Pound Cake please."

No turning back.  I grabbed my tea and the little brown pastry bag and jetted off to class.

A few hours later when I got home, I figured I better track my points before I conveniently forgot the details of my daily menu.  When I got to my midday snack, I jotted down 6 points for the pound cake.  It seemed like a fair assessment for a small piece of lemony goodness.  Maybe 7?  Ugh.  Should I go 8?  There was icing on top after all.  So, I decided I better just look it up.  Who knows?  Maybe I'd get lucky and there would be a ton of fiber or something and I was actually overestimating.

One slice of Iced Lemon Pound Cake had... wait for it... 490 calories and 23 GRAMS OF FAT!  Holy S#$%(&#^T!!!!!!!!!!!!  My 6 point estimation turned out to be 12 points of utter indulgence.  And it wasn't even that good!  What was I thinking?  How could a tiny little piece of pound cake equate to more points than an In-N-Out Hamburger, a Double Decker Taco from Taco Bell, or an ENTIRE bottle of Pinot Noir???!  Some things in this world are just utterly unfair.  And Lemon FAT Cake is one of them.

Lesson learned on that hasty misstep: look it up before you hook it up.


  1. Ouch! One thing I can commend NYC Mayor Bloomberg on is requiring that all restaurants post calorie counts. I am no longer tempted by Starbucks (except the egg white feta wrap which is delicious - 6pts, but worth it).

  2. Check out the menu on-line before you stop for a quick pick-me-up. Most chain stores have posted them now, Thank Goodness!

  3. Even while on the program, for me, sometimes ignorance is bliss and you just don't want to know how many calories are in what you're eating (thank you Houston's for changing your name to Hillstone to avoid this!) ... but in this case, what a rip off! Not worth it AT ALL. I chose the wine instead on Sunday ;)

  4. :) Just had a similar post on my blog---about how I thought I was immune to alcohol points until my weigh in this morning! LOL. Sometimes we just have to indulge and learn the hard way!

  5. In NYC- now all food chains have to list Calories & Fat grams ( not fiber alas) including Starbucks & the Pret etc.
    Who knew a cookie had less calories than a croissant? ( i think I remember this correctly)
    go figure.
    anyway - it is helpful for us WW's. & Im sure many others.
    albeit- often F**in SHOCKING!!!
    thankfully: only double rich dense chocolate cake would tempt me & when its time for that - Im throwin' in the towel. Give me the Points, I want them, Ill Own them, I'll Love them.