Friday, February 12, 2010

I hope they have snacks there!

If you are reading this blog, most likely you have been on a diet at some point in your life. Unless you are our friend Megan, who can eat trays of salami, cheese, and consume multiple caloric beverages in an evening, only too look fantasticly thin in everything she wears. She has always been this way (it would be annoying, but she is great!).

And me, I have always been A Real Fatty. Always. Fatty. It started with my love of raw hamburger and cheese filled hot-dogs & progressed to a full blown wine and cheese addiction as the years went on.

My Mom tried everything to help her youngest, fattest daughter. My parents sat me down one evening and said “Tristan, we are going to send you to nutrition counseling- to learn to have a healthy relationship with food.” You know what I was thinking? “Oh goodie- I hope they have snacks there!” They didn’t. And the counseling didn’t help either.

Then my Mom signed me up for The Diet Center. I don’t remember much from that period, except for drinking hot lemon water and being hungry for most of the 6th grade. Slim fast, colon cleanses, Atkins, eat right for your blood type- fat & hungry through all of the failed attempts.

Though my weight has always fluctuated, I reached an all time high in July of 2009. My Mom has passed away the year before & I comforted myself with plenty of wine, cheese, and anything else I could put in my mouth (like a bowl of white rice, covered in cheese, with salsa & sour cream on top- mmmm!). I work in a hospital & wear scrubs to work. One day I realized that the hospital was making the medium scrubs a little smaller than usual. Oddly enough- my jeans were smaller too. So, I started wearing sweat pants, all of the time. And feeling miserable.

Thankfully, my friend Beejay knocked on my door & said “Hey- I am going to go to weight watchers & start exercising again- do you want to come?” I thought “Hell NO I don’t want to go- I want another bowl of cheesy rice!” But in the end, I wanted to feel better, so I joined. Six months later and twenty pounds lighter, I feel like the veteran of this group. I have ten huge pounds to goal weight, but I am inspired by the excitement of this group and can’t wait to see what happens. I am about to head to the gym, but only because I want to have some activity points for wine tonight. Eleven of them.

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