Monday, February 22, 2010

One Martini is 3 Points...

5 martinis, however, are 15.5 points. And, if we're being honest, 6 martinis are worth 19 points.

Let me start at the beginning...

The date? February 20, 2010
The location? Modesto, CA
The occasion? Tristan & Ian's Engagement Party

Upon arrival at said party, I found myself surrounded by delicious appetizers - mini quiche, spanikopita, cheese platters, veggies & ranch ... you name it, all the good party foods were present. Instead of indulging in those high-point foods, we made our way to the proteins and chose wisely ... avoiding the bread to make a sandwich, we got creative and made lettuce wraps with tri-tip & horseradish and grilled chicken with veggies and mustard.

A few small wraps later and I was satisfed! (Full disclosure, I did have one mini quiche.)

Feeling full and pleased with my dinner choices, I was ready to mingle over a few drinks and managed to find my way to the martini bar. Again. And again. And again. And again.

For story's sake, I'm going to skip the middle part of the evening where we went to a bar and I promptly ordered my sixth (and final, thank you Loreal) martini before rambling on and on about my lazy eye and telling people about Miranda's 9-month around the world trip. (It was actually 4 months and not really "around the world")

Instead, I'll just tell you what I learned.

Six martinis equal 19 points and, apparently, that's just how many it takes to convince yourself you're wearing shoes when you're not, or to play with a ladybug on the hotel room floor for 20 minutes, or to become invisible so the Ren Folk in the hot tub 8 floors below won't see you staring at them out your window.

It probably wasn't the smartest way to ingest 19 of my 28 daily points, but it sure was fun (or so I am told).

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