Thursday, February 18, 2010

Media Weight

And no, I am not referring to television GRP levels ... ok, bad media joke but at least Miranda will get it.

What I am referring to is the weight I have put on as a direct result of my occupation.

3, 4, sometimes 5 days a week, I find myself in a kitchen that's brimming with leftovers ... from morning meetings, lunch meetings, and everything in between.

I work in an agency with a high contingency of food accounts and, while Milk does a body good, an endless supply of chips (Frito-Lay), nuts (Emerald), and chicken nuggets (Foster Farms) decidely does not.

And that's just from within these walls! Day in and day out, sales reps come by for meetings and, inevitably, they bring snacks. Whether it's pastries for a morning meeting, sandwiches for a lunch meeting, or coffee and cookies for a mid-day pick-me-up, it's everywhere all. the. time. If I've had one cupcake from every cupcake shop in this city, I've had 10. Oh, and during the holidays? Forget about it!

Food. It's my occupational hazard.

This morning was my first test ... from the picture above, please note the delicious almond croissant in the background (my favorite from La Boulange). In the foreground, some fruit.

What did I choose?

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  1. Tell me about it! Today I was supposed to go get a healthy Vietnamese lunch with a friend, but due to a firedrill I'm stuck in the office with only lunch n' learn leaftovers to choose from. Therefore I am eating a sandwich, but was strong enough to at least remove the cheese. This will certainly be the hardest battle for me... Media Weight!