Monday, June 21, 2010

I've Fallen and I Can't Get Up

The Grand Canyon is the world's most breathtaking ravine.  Mount Everest is its tallest and most majestic peak.  The Marianas Trench descends deeper into the earth than anywhere else on the planet.  These natural wonders are amazing and astonishing for the lengths that they reach and the heights they stretch.

But no one ever talks about the Great Plateau.  You see, plateaus are innately boring.  In fact, I don't even think a plateau could rightfully be named "Great."  They are mounds of unfaltering inactivity.  They don't climb, nor descend.  Just continue.

After months and months of Weight Watchers, I've hit the Great Plateau.  Lose a little.  Gain it back.  Lose a bit more.  Gain some back.  I've hovered around the same weight for months now and I just can't seem to reach the finish line.  I'm 5 lbs from my goal, but worlds away.

It's like when mountaineers ascend Everest only to see an incoming storm just as they are about to make the final climb to the top.  They have no choice but to lay in wait or cut their losses and turn back.

Well folks, there is no turning back now!  I have come this far and it can't all be for naught.  I can't bear to see my double chin reappear in photos.  Or have to buy fat-jeans again.  Or ever get mistakenly congratulated on a non-existent pregnancy (and I'm not exaggerating here, this has actually happened).

But I need a little inspiration.  I've become repetitive with my meal choices, lackluster with my exercise plan and decidedly sloppy with my tracking.  Help!  I've fallen off the plan and I can't get up!

Hopefully the vocalization of this sad state of affairs will help motivate me back into action.  After all, there are only 16 days until I'm going to need to don a swimsuit.  In public.  In Mexico.  Frightening!  More to come on that soon.


  1. I felt it divine intervention that I was in NYC this past weekend and had the opportunity to sit in on the WW meeting led by Liz - she's helpful, real, inspiring, and offers tips and tricks through highly relatable metaphors ... just what I needed to clean up some sloppy habits I have taken on also, mainly around tracking.

    Look for a write-up this week and we can be inspired to reach our goals together!

  2. Because I am hurt, I had to change my exercise from running to elliptical. Hate it but it looks like I may be off a plateau (that or not drinking beer for 2 weeks).

    Of course it goes without saying, make sure you are journaling everything, and are eating the right portions.