Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Yep, I'm goin' there...Hungry Girl BUGS!

Ok, I am ready to catch crap for this one, but I have got to be honest with y'all. HUNGRY GIRL BUGS!

Us Winos naturally stumbled across Hungry girl a month or two into our journey because Weight Watchers pimps her out big time. Lucky her. Yes, we are jealous of her fame. Yes, she has about 193,000+ more "Like"-ers than we do. Yes, she has hella sponsors. Cool, maybe we can learn a tip or two! So we all decided to follow her on Facebook.

What has ensued over the last couple months while getting to know her style was a downward spiral of "she bugs." At first, I was willing to giver her goodie-two-shoes take on everything a chance. WOW this, YAY that. Now, her postings are just boring and nauseating. One of the more ridiculous ones of recent memory: "Tea, Black or Green?" Um, really? Who cares. I am beginning to think the only reason she asks these ridonk questions is to get market research for her food prostituting. Some other recent Facebook news feed fodder and what I'm really thinking when I read them:

Hungry Girl I'll be on Joy Behar's HLN show tonight. Please PLEASE don't start a whole debate about whether you love or hate her on here. She did a fun interview with me and if you're an HG fan, try to tune in... XOXOXOX
So, you're going on a show but telling people not to let you know if they don't like the host? Censorship!

Hungry Girl COME MEET ME & TRY the NEW LAUGHING COW LIGHT FLAVORS & HG mocktails at WEGMANS in Downingtown, PA tomorrow (FRIDAY) at NOON!!! Cheese + booksigning = WOWOWOWOW!!!!
What are mocktails? Does this mean there is no booze in them? NO THANKS! #FAIL

Hungry Girl WOW! Was SO SO close to Tom Cruise at GMA today. He stuck around for my segment & I believe he eyeballed my Sassy Veggie Eggrolls. He is VERY adorable, BTW.
1) Tom Cruise is lame. 2) If he is so cool, why didn't he say hi to you instead of eyeballing your whatever-they-are eggrolls? Rude!

Hungry Girl What's the WEIRDEST food you have ever seen on a menu? For me it could be a PB & J hamburger. But I don't travel outside the country very often…
Don't travel outside the country? Boring. You are rich and famous now -- get out there!

Hungry Girl A NEW VITATOP IS BORN!!!! Happy Birthday, Apple Crumb!!!! YAYAYAYAYAY!!!
You can tell who her sponsors are from a mile away.

I have come to the conclusion that it is time to un-Like Hungry Girl. Because Hungry girl doesn't make me want to eat...she makes me want to barf! I've held on for as long as I could, but I just can't get behind anyone serving mocktails. Buh-bye.


  1. I "unliked" her about a month ago due to constant posting ... 5:28, 5:35, 5:46, 6:09. ENOUGH of you and your margaritas - mock or not!

    Excellent post, thanks for putting it out there, Wino ErikaWas!

  2. You won't hear any defense from me for Hungry Girl. I've tried one too many of her craptastic and heavily sponsored recipes for my taste. (One.)

  3. Have you tried any of her recipes or food substitutions? I did a couple years ago when I was signed up for her newsletter. Absolutely every one of her suggestions I tried was gross! So, I cancelled my subscription and wrote her a note that I want to enjoy what I eat not find swaps that taste awful just to save a few calories. I would rather eat smaller portions of really good food than huge portions of crap.

  4. Hear, hear. I long for the day when one of her namesake VitaTops explodes in her Hello Kitty microwave.

  5. I'm just not, nor will I ever be, that ebullient about anything! Nevermind Laughing Cow or anything else dubiously processed!

  6. I agree with post above "frankenfood" is the perfect way to describe what she is touting!