Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Updated after final meal at 9pm:
I MADE IT! Whew! Just finished my third of the day and final 1 cup of 0-point Progresso soup. Here are some random thoughts and learnings from this day:

- Doing Zero Points all day long is time consuming. I happened to have everything in the house I needed yesterday when I decided to do this, thanks to some foresight at the grocery store on Sunday. But you have got to be stocked up with options.
- The prep work is also a time-suck. I was cutting and measuring out my day for a whole hour this morning! It made me realize why celebrities have their diet meals delivered.
- There is such a thing as too many vegitable. I usually can't get enough of them and try to have them at all meals. But when it is 95% of your diet for the day, it gets old. New awe and confusion for vegans.
- This exercise has given me new respect for low-point foods. How indulgent it will feel to eat a 1-point bagel thin tomorrow morning for breakfast with lowfat cream cheese on it! With a 1/2 glass of OJ on the side, that breakfast will hit 4 points and I cannot wait!
- Some people are wondering how many calories I ate, since Zero Points does not equal zero calories. From my best guestimation, I have tallied 500 total. Hardly, if any, fat. One billion grams of fiber.

My only regret is that I do not already have a bottle of wine open right now, because I would celebrate accomplishing this day (and not having to do it again!) with 1/8th of a glass of wine for Zero Points! But I don't, and I can't bring myself to opening a bottle for that. Besides, who knows what I'll do after one taste. I could end up destroying this ZERO POINT DAY!

See my complete Twitter feed below, from bottom up.....BOTTOMS UP!

8:56pm Just finished cup of soup and veggies. I made it! Appreciate low point foods so much more now. 1 point anything sounds luxury!

8:29 and back from walk but jsut realized I've been forgetting to drink H2O today. Opps!

Ok, that wasn't so bad, and I learned a new trick! 1 cup fat free broth #zeropoints

7:17pm sipping on chicken borth to mitigate hunger before evening walk #IsThisDayOverYet?
6:10pm and hangin on like a champ, not even famished! That 1cup popcorn helped, I take it all back! #WeightWatchers
4:45pm This just in: 1 cup of popcorn is barely worth it! But I will savor every single piece.
3:45pm Just ate a second soup and veggies lunch. Good thing I planned for that, I was gettin' grumpy! #lowbloodsugar

Again, check out what is going on with ZERO POINTS CHALLENGE #WeightWatchers at http://www.elevenpoints.blogspot.com/

Ate some lunch, which is probably my most substantial 0-pt meal of the day -- too bad I'm stilll hungry!

Just logged in 2 #Weightwatchers points for that errand walk I took - so I'm neg for the day! Too bad not for the week tho! : /

Taking walk/running errand to distract myself from lunch. Hunger manageable.

10:05am second breakfast of fiber one vanilla yogurt, 1/4c bberries and 3/4c strawberries -- shockingly satisfying!

Whoa! 9:31am first averted disaster...coworker's birthday pastry spread. Guess who's not having any! This girl! http://yfrog.com/j3754oj

Got dressed -- pants not as loose as I'd prefer...good reminder

8:25 Just realized you only get 1 egg white for zero pts ...this is going to be one sparce omelette!

7:35am Have been cutting up veggies and measuring portions for over half an hour! Good thing novelty is still shinny!
6:00 I'm out of coffee, so make quick run to S-bucks. Black coffee with literal splash skim milk. Couldn't even get a banana if I wanted to!


  1. I'd be curious as to how many calories you consumed today even though you only ate 0 points.

  2. I will do an approx estimation -- I've actually been mildly keeping track. Stay tuned, I'll put it in the wrap-up!