Friday, June 11, 2010

Dumpster Diving for Accountability Reasons

Salt & Vinegar Kettle Chips ... most definitely a top five "red light" food for me. The salty crunch combined with the tangy zip? Too good to resist. But, resist I have. While I may have indulged in different chip varieties - Sun Chips, pretzels, and, recently, plain ol' Lays - over the last 4 months, this is only the second time I have given in to the deliciousness that is, in my opinion, Kettle's best chip.

How could I, after coming off a 1.4 lb gain this week, indulge in 7 points of non-filling, nutritionally void* food?

Excuse #1 - "Dedication to my job"
A client I used to work on recently acquired Kettle Chips and, as a result, we had some "samples" laying around the office. I was simply supporting my client, therefore, it was done out of dedication. Yeah, that's strike 1 ... I don't even work on that client's business anymore.

Excuse #2 - I have the points, so who cares?
True, I did. But, Strike 2 in my book because now I have opened a can of worms. I have the taste and the craving for these chips on the brain now whereas, before, when I wasn't giving in to this red light food, I wasn't even thinking about them.

Excuse #3 - No one will know

Also true. If I don't tell anyone, who will know? Plus, I am not even going to track it, so it's like it never happened. What 7 points?? That was Strike 3 and the impetus for this post.

You see how the bag is crumpled? I pulled it out of the trash in order to take a photo and write this blog. Because that's what accountability is to me ... it's pulling food out of the trash where "no one will know", tracking it, telling you all about it, and bouncing back from my 7 point indulgence.

Did I need those chips? No. And, I did feel guilty about eating them? Yes. But I did eat them and, honestly, I did enjoy them ... the difference is that now I realize how much my mindset has changed. Whereas I used to eat these chips whenever, wherever I wanted, I now think of them as "treats" for special occasions when I really want to indulge.

Last week's weight gain pushed me 2 lbs further from my 10% goal, so I am sure there's something else in this trash can to write about! In the meantime, is there anything you have in your trash can - proverbial or otherwise - you'd like to share?

*Note: if you are going to eat chips, Kettle Chips are at least somewhat of a healthy option. With each serving's 9g of fat, 7g are Monosaturated fats which are the "good fats", helping lower total cholesterol and LDL cholesterol (the bad cholesterol) while increasing HDL cholesterol (the good cholesterol). What can I say? Client or no client, I am a slave to my advertising job ;)


  1. Pop Chips make a salt & vinney...those baked TJ's ones may too. Not the same, I know but the same flavor.

  2. Have you not discovered the Baked variety of Kettle (Brand) Chips?!?!!!
    I actually think they might be lying about the nutritional info.
    Serving: abt. 20chips, 120 Cal, 3g Fat, 2g fiber.
    2 points!
    I Looooove them
    Potato Chips had never been something that would cause me hesitation in the grocers isle, or at the BBq - Im was much more a Pretzel girl, corn or soy chip (plain please) - but after deciding to cut Soy from my diet - i discovered the Baked Kettle chips because they were on sale at my local health food store.
    For me they are PERFect. and when I need the salty/crunchy goodness that - lets face it - Nothing else will satisfy: They are a GOD SEND!
    soy chips & pretzels have disappeared from my cabinets.
    Wasa fiber toast & rice cakes remain - along with the ever present/replenished Baked KEttle Brand chips. I like plain, but Salt & vinegar wont leave you disappointed - I promise.

    Enjoy! .
    BTW: so happy to find your blog through 'daily sip' - my 'NEED' for a glass (or two) of wine/beer(gasp) per night has pushed me back up 6lbs over my goal & feeling like a complete failure. Scared to face the scale- & more anxious: .... ah, a nice glass of wine.
    6lbs may not seem much to you - but at 5ft 1inch, I notice EVERY ounce of it & so does my clothing.
    And, thanks for motivating me to track - I fell off after .... no excuses. thanks again. just logged into my Plan MAnager for the 1st time in ohhhh probably 2 months.

  3. I'm a fan of the Baked Kettle chips! They are fantastic!

    I am from Canada - we have a brand called Old Dutch chips here. They also make a baked salt & vinegar chip that's pretty good, but it's that reconstituted chip like Pringles.

    Found you from Bitch-Cakes' blog. I'm also a Weight Watchers member (3 years at goal, baby, woo!) who loves wine!

  4. I know I'm late, but I found your blog and am reading it all today, while on the clock. I needed some help after some nachos, sliders and fondue last night, with multiple glasses of delicious Zin.

    These pups were in my cabinet last week, and I slammed half the bag. When I was done, I didn't even know what had happened, except that I felt blissful and had a bump on my tongue.

    Good to know others out there can not resist their awesomeness.