Monday, June 14, 2010

Prepping for a Zero Points Day

For those reading this blog for fun or general diet/fit entertainment and information, this Zero Points thingy might not make much sense. But for those of you with a Weight Watchers knowledge or intimate relationship, it might seem downright bonkers.

Every since I began to learn about Weight Watchers Points, I was fascinated with zero point foods. It's like a get-out-of-jail-free card for food. Too bad all of the zero points foods are completely and totally healthy, or it would really be a wild time! Still, when in a pinch or as an adder you don't have to count to the "T", they are healthy and encouraging foods.

But can one sustain oneself on zero point foods? A kind reader reminded me today on our Facebook page, when I mentioned this challenge, that zero point days are against the rules. And I can see why. As you might imagine, to achieve a zero points day takes planning and research. I guess you could memorize those things and just eat those all the time....and go crazy while doing it! Not to mention, it's not healthy. We need calories, variety and balanced diets to achieve real, healthy, long-lasting weight loss and maintenance. Still, I have this unexplained fascination to try it....but only for a day.

So here I am, the night before my Zero Points Challenge to myself, having just poured through 0-point foods and playing with portions of 1 point foods on the tracker to see what I can split down to zero. I think I will be able make it through the day without a complete and utter meltdown.....I think.

My ground rules: Everything I eat must be Zero Points in portion. That means, for example, I can't eat an entire can of 0-point soup -- I have to measure it out to its portion of 1 cup. But, I can eat multiple, various 0-point foods together at one time. I plan to add to tablespoons of black beans and a diced tomato (both Zero Points) to that southwest soup (pictured) in order to make it more hearty and filling. If you have some favorite and sneaky 0-point foods, please let me know about them, I am taking all suggestions very seriously!

Check back on Tuesday -- I'll be blogging here and live Tweeting (follow us on Twitter yet?: @winosonww) my experience throughout the I try to distract myself from my inevitable hunger...and to keep from passing out from low blood sugar!


  1. good luck, and keep us informed..some of us may want to give it a try also, kinda like a "cleanse"!

  2. What are you doing for meat/meat substitutes? I know Canadian bacon is pretty low, and so are some of the tofu hot dogs. What about egg whites? You need protein!

    Good luck!

  3. Good luck! I think one day should be fine, but remember: reducing calories too substantially lowers your metabolism and will eventually slow weight loss. I'm curious to hear how it goes!