Monday, March 1, 2010

These Ain't Paula Deen's Recipes!

One of the things I've been loving about WW is figuring out low-point meals.

Last week, I made a movie-watching crowd-pleasing meal of whole wheat spaghetti w/ turkey meatballs + Caesar salad for 7 points (minus the wine and garlic bread).

A few nights later, it was scallops wrapped in jumbo prawns with a honey mustard glaze + spinach and mushroom couscous for a low key dinner at home with Loreal and her sister that registered at 5.5 points.

This weekend, Loreal whipped up this hearty breakfast (in bed) for me because I was sick:

3 egg whites = 1 pt
1/4 cup avocado = 2 pts
1/8 cup diced tomato = 0 pts
1 slice deli ham, diced = 0 pts
1 tbs goat cheese = .5 pt
100 calorie Thomas' English muffin = 1 pt
1 tbs Land o' Lakes buttery spread = 2 pts
1 tbs light sour cream = .5 pt
2 tbs salsa = 0 pts
6oz Trop50 orange juice = 1 pt
Coffee w/ Splenda & 2 tbs 1% milk = .5 pt
Total Points: 7

And tonight, I put this together post-workout (modified a bit from the WW Weekly newsletter):

Turkey chili serving = 4 points
>Ground turkey
>Pinto beans
>Mexican style canned tomatoes + fresh tomatoes
>Spices (chili powder, oregano, cumin, s&p)
>Diced onion, sauteed
>Pam olive oil spray
Mission low carb tortilla, baked crispy = 1 pt
1/8 cup shredded cheese = 1.5 pts
1/4 cup avocado = 2 pts
1.5 tbs light sour cream = .5 pt
Total Points = 9

What did Loreal think of that meal? "I have to be honest with you, I feel like licking that plate right now and that says something"


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  1. Mom would be proud of all this cooking you are doing!! Bravo.