Monday, March 1, 2010

That's One Small Step For Man...

There is one steadfast barometer for weight gain or loss. Ski pants.

Ski pants generally don't shrink or expand to any great degree, and for 3/4 of the year, you don't wear them. My ski pants sat idle from May - December 2009, while I lived my non-winter life. Summer bar-b-ques, cocktails at restaurants out on the patio, holiday parties. As I gobbled my way through the year, I had forgotten....about those ski pants in the closet.

January finally came back around and quite out of nowhere one morning, I reached for the pants. I suddenly got very nervous. How tight would they be on my thighs? Would I be able to put chapstick or my phone on the front pocket without it protruding out? Would I be able to button those buttons without them popping back open?

Tahoe....we have a problem.

The ski pants turned out to be so tight, I was wishing I had a tight pair of pantyhose to put under them -- not because it was a cold, snowy day and I needed the insulation...but because I needed something to suck myself into them. Luckily I have a long ski jacket, so I was able to cover them up on top. But they sure were uncomfortable.

Two weeks later and two and a half weeks since the start of WW, I found myself starring back at those pants this weekend. I had forgotten about them, how uncomfortable they were, how I didn't want to take my jacket off. The weekly weigh-in is one thing, but these pants were going to tell all.

As I stuck my leg into them, I was nervous again. But as I slipped them on......I felt a difference. My legs went in easier. And buttoning was much less of a chore. I felt like on this warmer winter day, I was going to be able to take my jacket off and be okay with it! And they just felt good.

Don't get me wrong. They are still not loose or falling off my hips yet, by any means. But the way those ski pants fit showed me my first real tangible evidence of progress. It will be two more weeks until I get them back on again, and next time I won't be nervous. I'll have happy butterflies as I make a giant leap into them.

For now,
That's one small step for man....


  1. Such an exciting post!! Loved every minute, especially the part about you feeling a difference!! Keep it up, girl ... awesome pic, too. All you need in it is a bottle of wine ;)

  2. Great post girl! When you start to feel the clothes loosen, that's the best feeling in the world. See you Wednesday for the weigh in and Warakabune!

  3. So true!! I have two pairs; the really cool Burton ones that don't fit me, and the circa 1985 bibs I quickly purchased on Ebay because no way was I spending a ton of money on new ski pants.

    Sadly, I've been wearing the bibs for 3 years now.

    Next season, the Burtons WILL fit!

  4. erika, i LOVE this post...esp. "TAHOE, we have a problem!" Way to go & please, keep it coming!

  5. My worst ski pants story is when I was dating a small British boy and he let me borrow his pants for an impromptu trip to Squaw with my family. Well I got there and they DIDN'T FIT. Not. Even. Close. So, congrats! I can imagine how exciting that moment was, especially since you remember the opposiite emotion so clearly.

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