Monday, April 5, 2010

And We're Back!

We've been a little quiet the past few days and, while I don't know what the other Winos were up to, Loreal & I spent some time in LA for the Easter weekend.

Although it's prime time to indulge in Honey Baked Ham, dinner rolls, salad with creamy dressing, pastries, candy, and, of course, some wine to wash it all down, we weren't scared of falling off the wagon. After all, we were visiting family who were also on Weight Watchers, so we were all in it together!

We even started off on the right foot! Instead of bringing a traditional Easter basket as a token of appreciation for the hospitality, I brought one filled with a lily and lots of yummy, low-point treats!

But then.......

In typical "I am home, it's a holiday, and there's food, food, and more food to graze on!" fashion, we did just that. Grazed.

Grazed (and drank) 35-40 points in a day.

Two days in a row.

For all the pitfalls around us, we could have done worse. True, we ate more than we normally do at home. And we ate different foods than normal, also - namely, lots of sweets! But, on the positive side, our Easter baskets came with kitchen scales in lieu of chocolate bunnies, and a SIGG water bottle instead of sodas.

And I had not ONE Robin's Egg, Snicker's Egg, or Cadbury Creme Egg this year.

Guess what, Easter Bunny ... We're tied!
Easter candy: 1, JWHA: 1

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