Friday, April 2, 2010

Yes means No, and No means Yes!

Well, hello there, gentle reader! Welcome to Opposite World, a place where Yes means No, and No means Yes! What? You’re not quite confused yet? Well, don't worry, there's more!

In Opposite World, everything is sdrawkcab! It's the one place in our society of "more everything", that less actually equals more. A place where every loss is a win! Where a gain is not a step forward, but a step back. This doesn't make sense in normal world terms, where the more you amass, the more successful you are.

To make Opposite World clearer, think of the hit TV show, The Biggest Loser. Who is the actual Biggest Loser? The biggest winner….of losing…..weight. Oh what a Biggest Loser I felt like during my first six weeks of Weight Watchers. Every week I lost. Which meant, I won! What a feeling, to lose and win all at once! Lose enough times and you start to think you'll never gain again! I was really beginning to like Opposite World.

I got so good at losing, I started to get sloppy. A fib on a glass of wine here, a lie about the cheese there. In Opposite World, adding must equal subtracting, right? WRONG.

As I stepped on to the scale this week, my testing of the backwardness of Opposite World quickly caught up with me. Because I said "Yes!" to buttered movie popcorn and a chaser of Thai noodles after the show last Friday, I got closer to the "No, you will not lose weight this week" consequences of Opposite World. When I bellied up to the party snack table on Saturday night, I secured my spot in Yes means No. A little nibble here, another tiny bite there, actually added up to a lot.

Thankfully, the big gain was a small a small addition. +0.6 pounds. But it still made me feel like a regular world loser -- big time. And it was still a long way from actually losing weight that week. It was a wake-up call to get myself back to Opposite World. It's time to ignore normal world instincts to order one more glass of wine, or that just a few chips don't count….because not counting does add up….fast!

So it's back to Opposite World I go…where my NOs will mean a YES on the scale next week. Because a loss is really a gain, and you don't feel like a loser, when you lose like a winner. Got it? Good.


  1. Nice one Erika! It's welcome back to Opposite World for me too this week. Hoping for a big loss next week!

  2. I have a mirror in my apartment that does what the picture depicts above if you need a little moral booster! Jen has a serious love/hate relationship with it.