Monday, April 19, 2010

Good Enough for an Academy Award Winner

I think everyone has assumptions about who the typical Weight Watchers member is and, until recently, I think our assumptions were pretty accurate. Lately. however, it's become clear that our "atypical" group of young, single, and very social Winos is a growing segment.

Case in point: the recent news that Jennifer Hudson is the new spokesperson for WW. A hip, successful, singer/actress/model who is 28 years old.

What's more, this morning I got my DailyCandy dedicated email newsletter promoting Weight Watchers - via the sponsoring of Jennifer Hudson - to a new audience of women. (The media geek in me can tell you that almost 60% of DailyCandy's readership is between the ages of 18-34.)

All this means is we're on the right track, Winos! Weight Watchers is for everyone - regardless of age, income, or location on the map. And, if it's good enough for an Academy Award winner, it's good enough for me. (Show us some love, JHud!)

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