Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Sweet Fit of Success

I love to procrastinate. I grew up in a family that was always running late- once we even came down the aisle of a wedding, right behind the bride. My Mom looked around the pews apologetically, but these were formative years for me. I was trained to always put things off and arrive at the last minute.

This is why I am writing a blog entry right now. We are down to the wire and I should be packing up boxes for the big move to the new house. However, I wanted to share some excitement that happened yesterday.

In the process of packing I found several unappealing clothing articles left over from my college days and decided it might be time to refresh the closet. As I walked in to Macys (they were having a giant sale!), I headed over to my usual size and started leafing through the dresses. Something weird happened in the dressing room: every dress I tried on was loose and baggy- they looked frumpy and too big. So back out I went, only to go a size lower, the lowest size I have been in my adult years. I sucked in and held my breath, but the dress zipped right up. Hmmm, I thought, maybe this is a fluke or a mislabeled dress size.

So I decided to go for the ultimate test: Bra shopping. Much to my disappointment, my bras have started gapping and are saggy. I thought maybe it was over wear, over wash syndrome, but one thing was clear- it was time for the annual bra buy at Nordstrom. As I stood cold and topless in the dressing room, a heavily perfumed sales lady measured me. “Oh no no no” she exclaimed. “These bras are all too big for you- you are two sizes smaller.” Two? Two? How could this be and when did this happen? As the saleslady left to forage for options that would to separate and lift, I started thinking about the age old diet dilemma. Why do you lose your boobs? I mean really, why can’t I keep the boobs and lose the tummy. Talk about unfair! But then I realized that I have been losing my tummy- this is why my dress size is smaller too. It was a proud moment for me, walking out of that mall with my smaller sized purchases. And I will tell you one other thing: It was a lot easier walking by Wetzel’s Pretzels at the end of a shopping day (12 useless points). The only motivation I needed was a quick glance down at my two size smaller boobs.


  1. Congratulations! I wish we could CHOOSE where we lose weight - this weekend I put on the dress I wore to your engagement party, 13 lbs ago. And it was MUCH looser on the chest and stomach - but unfortunately still snug on the hips!

  2. BRAVO to you! That's so exciting! I am giving myself the gift of new jeans when I hit my 10% in 3 short pounds :)

  3. Such a great reason to charge up the credit cards!! Yay!