Sunday, April 18, 2010

Deconstructing the Double Down

If you didn't hear about the launch of KFC's new Double Down "sandwich" last week, you just might be living under a rock. My friend's well-known, Fortune 5, hi-tech client launched a fancy new product last week too. But this monster is the one that made New York and LA Times headlines and Twitter trending topics. So I decided to see what all the hullabaloo is about....from a Weight Watchers perspective.

Here's the Low 'Down':
540 calories
32 grams of fat
Don't know about the fiber, but lets just go ahead and assume ZERO grams on that one, shall we?!
Total WW points = 13

Now, I'm not, by any means, going to tell anyone to run out and 'down' one of these things. This picture is a professionally staged version of the offering. I'm going to guess that the actual product is much more revolting in person...if that's even possible. But 13 could do a lot worse. I certainly have. Within the last 24 hours even.

Last night, I had my first cheeseburger since the WW diet began some 10 weeks ago. It was at a pub, so I'm not exactly sure what the complete and total damage is. But, by the time I ate it with a side of fries and 3 healthy glasses of wine....well, lets just say I'm a whole days worth of points in the negative. Still, I'm doubley happy I didn't go down with one of these KFC things. Ick!


  1. I hafta say, at 13 points, I might try and find some room in my daily allotted or bonus points to try it. You know, for Wino Research of course!

  2. That pub burger description just made me hungry....yummo.