Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Savvy Shopper : An Introduction

Welcome to Savvy Shopper!

Since starting Weight Watchers, grocery shopping has become a lengthy chore. Although you might have “the basics” down and a set list of items you buy each trip , the choices in a supermarket are endless and every aisle is lurking with foods that are good, bad, and worse when it comes to points.

But where do you start?

On a recent shopping trip, I found myself standing in front of the spaghetti sauces, literally turning every jar around and calculating the points until I found one that had low points, but also looked like it tasted good. The result? (Safeway’s) Eating Right Marinara Sauce. 1 point for 1/2 cup!

This painstaking process of calculating point values for about 20 pasta sauces got me thinking - wouldn’t it be great to have a go-to list of pre-calculated items (aside from those listed on the WW iPhone app, of course!) that I would buy on a semi-regular basis? Or even for items I never thought would have a distinction when it came to points, like pickles? Or how about things we think are off limits, like pizza?

So, keep checking back for Savvy Shopper updates ... all categories, aisles, and foods are fair game and the Winos love suggestions!

Happy (low point) shopping!

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