Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Buddy System

At last night's meeting, we talked about the ways that having a "buddy" can help you achieve weight loss goals and stay on track. As you know from reading this blog, luckily I have a network of buddies to tap into, which is exactly what I did.

Today, even after two weeks of disappointing numbers at the scale, I was tempted to forgo the healthy lunch I had packed this morning and, instead, hit up the Falafel truck at work for some delicious Mediterranean fare.

I sent this plea to my fellow Winos:
"I brought my lunch today but really want Falafel from the truck at work today. What to do? Help, buddies!"

I received the following support:

"Look up how many points the whole thing would be and then decide if it's worth it."

"Don't do it! The cheddar & sour cream baked Ruffles we brought today are the bomb!"

"You know what to do! Eat your lunch. Reward yourself with a Falafel next week if you were good this week!"

The verdict?

Lunch from home for 7.5 points


  1. As someone that did partake in the Falafel Truck offerings, I actually don't think you missed out. In fact, I'm kinda jealous of the pudding and Ruffles. Those chips are bomb!

  2. Does this mean I'm Balky???!